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New Solar Energy Theory

"Everything is derived from fire." --Heraclitus

Here's an interesting quote illustrating modern scientific astronomical thinking. It is from the "Awake!" publication (Jehovah's Witnesses) dated March 22, 2001, subject "The Exceptional Nature of Our Sun":

"It is true that only about half a billionth of the sun's energy output reaches our planet. Yet, even those few 'crumbs' from the solar 'table' are enough to nourish and sustain life on earth. Not only that, but if this tiny trickle that arrives could be harnessed efficiently, it could easily meet the energy needs of our modern society, with power to spare."

Question: If you were an omniscient God creating a universe for human beings, wouldn't it be awfully wasteful to create a solar system where only one half of a billionth (that's 0.0000000005) of the sun's energy reach the earth?

Answer: The concave world theory solves this problem. Since the sun is enclosed inside the earth, ALL of the solar energy ends up on the earth. It has no where else to go!

Moral of story: God was the world's first conservationalist. Nothing in God's universe goes to waste--not even his precious sonlight!

"...behind each manifestation of warmth, stands a sacrifice." --Dr. Rudolf Steiner (The Spiritual Hierarchies)

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Updated: 21 August 2002