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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"Two things are infinite, human stupidity and the universe, and I am not sure of the latter." -Einstein


I do have one question - I know that there is reason to believe that the Moon landings were faked, but what is the deal about the rest of the space program, especially including the communications satellites which are supposed to be 22,300 miles out from the earth? Obviously many people have and use satellite dishes. I'm sure you must have dealt with this question, so any ideas you have about it would be very welcome. Thanks again!

Jim M.


The web page: "Transformation by Reciprocal Radii" explains the inverse theory. For more information, follow the link to "The Hollow Earth" from Omni Magazine, October 1983. Also see J.H. Tonn's answer below. -The Webmaster

J.H. Tonn's Answer:

According to the geocosmic (inside world) theory radio transmissions go straight through the cosmos. The Copernican theory says the waves are bounced off the earth and the "Heavyside Layer" till it reaches the target country. So, while I lived in Canada I called the engineer at a radio station and said: Explain to me directional transmitters. He said well, we set the antenna up at an angle called the electrical angle (electrical engineering does use electrical angles, so-called for several theories and designs etc.). So I asked him what the angle was. Then I got myself a large piece of drawing paper and drew a circle about 3 feet in diameter representing the earth. Then I applied that angle.

Case I. Copernican World (convex): It showed that after a few bounces the radio beam could land in Europe. ( I had asked for transmission to Europe).

Case II. Inside world. (concave) I applied the same angle (with respect to the surface of the earth). Suddenly all I had to do is draw a straight line that would hit Europe directly ! How simple! Besides, the earth is a poor reflector of radio waves and not all of earth's surface is water.

My short answer.

The moon story is another story, I do not really know what the truth is since there are several stories. Satellites do not have to be 20 000 miles out, a few hundred miles will cover large parts of the earth's surface for transmission.

J.H. Tonn

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Updated: March 3, 2002